Onion in a nutshell

The ONION project, co-funded under the Horizon 2020 EU research and development programme, has the ambition of identifying and characterising solutions to meet emerging needs in the European Earth Observation market by exploring Fractionated and Federated Satellite Systems (FFSS), which aim at proposing an evolution of constellations such as Planet.

In analogy with terrestrial networks, these systems envision the distribution of satellite functionalities amongst multiple cooperating spacecraft (which are seen as the nodes of a network), flying on different orbits, for various applications ranging from Earth Observation to Space Science.

ONION focuses on a pragmatic, progressive, and scalable approach to improve existing and future space missions in order to foster competitive European imaging from space. A gradual evolution is foreseen, transitioning from established “old-school” paradigms to innovative concepts, while always keeping the user requirements at the centre of the design process.

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